Ways to capture incoming WebRTC video streams (client side)

I am currently looking to find a best way to store a incoming webrtc video streams. I am joining the videocall using webrtc (via chrome) and I would like to record every incoming video stream to from each participant to the browser.
The solutions I am researching are:

  • Intercept network packets coming to the browsers e.g. using Whireshark and then decode. Following this article: https://webrtchacks.com/video_replay/

  • Modifying a browser to store recording as a file e.g. by modifying Chromium itself

Any screen-recorders or using solutions like xvfb & ffmpeg is not an options due the resources constrains. Is there any other way that could let me capture packets or encoded video as a file? The solution must be working on Linux.

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  1. Capturing packets will only give you the network packets which you would then need to turn into frames and put into a container. A server such as Janus can record videos.
    Running headless chrome and using the javascript MediaRecorder API is another option but much more heavy on resources.

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