Is it possible to remotely debug a Mono console app from Visual Studio?

I want to use latest Mono ( to write a console app in Visual Studio 2015/2017 for a Raspberry Pi 3 (Linux). Searching the web I’ve found that it is possible to use Visual Studio, but there are limitations.

I can use MonoRemoteDebugger, but I also need to target Mono framework, not .NET framework, because I do not know if they are fully compatible. Adding the Mono target profile works only up to profile 4.0 and I want to use the latest Mono (.NET 4.5).

MDebug looks fine, but it is not free.

Mono Helper also looks fine, but how can I remotely debug the app?

I can use Xamarin Studio 6.3 configured for remote debugging, but I have not tested it and I do not know how well it works. Also, I prefer Visual Studio and it would be great if I avoided installing a different IDE if VS could do the job.

So, is it possible to remotely debug Mono app from Visual Studio? Should I try Visual Studio Code?

If I finished my app, then how can I generate the release build?

I’ve noticed that the plugins have the option to debug the app, but not for generating the release build.

This is new to me and information found on the web did not help me understand everything I need to do my work. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. It seems it is not possible with free software. I can use Visual Studio with MonoRemoteDebugger and if I have doubts about code compatibility, I can build the project in Xamarin which permits targeting Mono.

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