How get more information about Chocolatey installation errors?

I have been trying to install some packages inside a windows container using chocolatey but doesn’t matter which package I try to install, ever looks like that the installation is successful but is not, because when I check there is nothing new installed in the machine.

For call the installation (and get some debug information) I’m doing

    choco install nodejs --confirm --log-file C:\pepe.txt

But when I check the logs gist there is no error or additional information of what is happening.

So how I could get more information about why chocolatey is not doing his job? Thanks!

One thought on “How get more information about Chocolatey installation errors?”

  1. For checking that chocolatey is successfuly installed,type the command choco in command prompt anfit’s shows the version of chocolatey you installed, further more in program files or in a program data chocolatey is in a hidden format so un check hidden from file and organization. For simply installation of nodejs type choco install nodejs in command prompt.

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