Creating Self Signed SSL Certificate using OpenSSL UI

I am trying to create a certificate simply so I can use websockets (wss) because my client is hosted on https. My server is my own and I’m using node.js.

I have been reading through SSL docs and from what I understand I simply need to generate a self-signed cert file and host it on my node.js platform. I had a lot of errors and difficulties using cmd and various windows compiled SSL binaries, so I’m using Open SSL UI which really seems to work. However I still don’t exactly know what I need since there are so many steps and 4 outputted files.

Here I am going through the process, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing or what the final product I need is..


Ok so I guess step 1 is to create an RSA key which is just a jumbled string. No problem.

enter image description here

Step 2

Alright, generate the cert here I think, self signed. Hoping CA Key File means RSA file.. ? Anyway I click Generate Key and enter some details like country code, province, email, etc. File is generated.

enter image description here

Step 3

Now I generate a CSR.. seems straight forward.

enter image description here

Step 4

This seems to be the final step, to sign the CSR. It ends up with yet another file (for a total of 4).

enter image description here

So here I am with 4 aptly named files relative to each step.

  1. ssl_rsa
  2. ssl_ca_cert
  3. ssl_csr
  4. ssl_cert

Now I google “wss node js” and find this link. It seems I need to have files “key.pem” and “cert.pem”. I’m not sure if I have either of those. Maybe it’s my “ssl_rsa” and “ssl_cert” ? At this point I’m kinda stuck and not sure what I’ve accomplished.

To re-iterate, the goal is to have a self signed ssl cert on my node js server so I can use wss.

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